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Our Approach

We combine asset allocation, primary industry research via Asian industry connections and decades of investment experience to deliver superior risk adjusted returns. 

We deliver several risk adjusted investment portfolios that can be weighted to achieve your investment goals, regardless of the global economic cycle or geo-political risk.

Our Preferred Platform:  We use Interactive Brokers as our broker/custodian to provide superior execution, low cost and security.


Investing in the Future

The Global Growth Stars (GGS) fund has a mandate to focus on emerging technology growth companies globally.

This investment strategy invests in companies in the range of $1-100 billion USD in market capitalization across developed markets such as the USA, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Europe.

Although we invest in the technology industry with a focus on the software and hardware sectors, we also seek out rapid growth companies in a variety of sectors.

We identify proven segment leaders who are delivering an innovative solution. But most importantly, they must combine leadership with an ability to earn above industry average profit margins.

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Customized for you

Combining the best of our insights with the values and vision for your family requires a customized approach.

We understand your financial goals and objectives, develop a strategy to build and preserve wealth, and implement a strategy that reflects your values and ESG requirements. Investing for the future can both preserve wealth and serve your family goals.

Note: Account minimum is $2 million USD.